Architectural and topographical survey of the standing remains of Ballintober Castle, Co. Roscommon, Republic of Ireland

The detailed study of this major site, led by leading Irish medieval archaeologist, Dr Niall Brady, will help put Irish castle studies on firmer footings due to the current lack of detailed studies on individual castles. It will also help in the future management and conservation plan for the site.

The survey of the castle was carried out in August 2014 and revealed a number of high status rooms in some of the towers, suggesting an interesting juxtaposition of luxury accommodation in a frontier castle. This raises the further question of how much Ballintober was a frontier castle as once assumed: something only further historical research will reveal.

To review the full survey and its findings you can download the various elements of the reports here:

Images: Niall Brady
Image 2: Niall Brady

Ballintober Castle background information (15KB doc)

Ballintober Castle Survey Text (4.6MB PDF)

Ballintober Castle Survey Plates (22MB PDF)

Ballintober Castle Survey Figure 1-17 (8MB PDF)

Ballintober Castle Survey Figure 18-34 (10MB PDF)