Surveying Bamburgh Castle’s Elmund’s Tower

Sum awarded: £9,310

Standing on a rocky outcrop on the coast of Northumberland, Bamburgh’s history stretches back to the early medieval period when it was home to a palace of the Kings of Northumbria. Bamburgh Castle itself was owned by royalty at various points and rebuilt in the 18th century.

Bamburgh is a massive site: its history has been illuminated by excavations, and there is still more to learn.

Dr. Joanne Kirton and Graeme Young of the Bamburgh Research Project plan to carry out a geophysical survey and a masonry survey of the castle’s outworks.

Image 1: © Michael Hanselmann, licensed CC-BY-SA 3.0
Image 2: © Bamburgh Research Project

BAMBURGH CASTLE Masonry Report.pdf (496KB PDF)

BRP Interim Report 2024 FINAL (7.4MB PDF)

Bamburgh Castle Geophysics Survey 2023 FINAL (4.6MB PDF)