Geophysical Survey at Keith Marischal House

Sum awarded: £2,340

This project searches for the lost castle of the Castle of Keith in the grounds of Keith Marischal House.

The Keith family were some of richest and most powerful earls in late medieval Scotland and had their ancestral home at Keith Marischal. Limited documentary evidence suggests the castle was arranged around a courtyard, had a large tower, and one of the biggest great halls in Scotland. This important site was adapted over the centuries, and parts incorporated into the Kieth Marischal House, though later owners demolished parts of the medieval structure.

Led by Miles Kerr-Peterson and with the geophysical survey carried out by Rose Geophysical Consultants, ground penetrating radar and resistivity surveys will be carried out on a 2-hectare area the north of the standing house. The aim of the survey is to search for the lost tower and great hall, and may establish the form of the medieval castle.

Preliminary Report on Keith Marischal House (1MB PDF)

Keith Marischal House Report (574KB PDF)

Keith Marischal House Figures 1 - 7 (797KB PDF)

Keith Marischal House Figures 8 - 29 (2.5MB PDF)