Excavations at Pembroke Castle

Sum awarded: £6,970

Led by Neil Ludlow and James Meek, this project will involve excavations within excavations in the castle's outer ward.

Founded in 1093 by Roger of Montgomery, Pembroke Castle sites on a ridge with Pembroke River to the north, creating a natural barrier. The castle’s spectacular ruins are paired with a storied past: under the ownership of William Marshall the castle was transformed from a timber fortification to a grand stone castle including a distinctive circular great tower. The Tudor dynasty later gained ownership Pembroke Castle and it was the birthplace of Henry VII.

The excavation aims to find out more about a late medieval hall-house and its cesspit. The building was excavated in the 1930s, and its hoped that modern investigations will undercover stratified archaeological remains.

Images: Phil Price
Image 2: Phil Price

Pembroke Castle Evaluation 2018 Final (32MB)