Warkworth Castle: Stories in Stone. A new interpretation scheme for Warkworth Castle, Northumberland

Sum awarded: £4,555

Northumberland’s Warkworth Castle was founded in the 12th century and became the home of the Percy family – one of the most powerful dynasties of late medieval England.

English Heritage are in the process of updating the castle’s interpretive scheme, giving the opportunity to find out more about Warkworth’s history. This project, led by Dr Mark Douglas and Dr William Wyeth, builds on 2019’s grant

Following on from the geophysical surveys at the castle, the focus moves to St John’s Close south of the castle. the area will be surveyed using magnetometry, resistivity, and ground-penetrating radar to establish the extent of a medieval park recorded in 16th-century documents.

Image 1: Karl Davison
Image 2: Steve Day, licensed CC-BY-NC 2.0