Earthwork, geophysical and photogrammetric survey at Caus Castle, Shropshire

Sum awarded: £1,318.

The site, a large motte-and-bailey structure with some sections of upstanding masonry, has been frequently referenced previously but has never actually been subject to any form of detailed archaeological research. The focus of the proposed project is the outer bailey of Roger fitz Corbet, the ramparts of which enclose the medieval borough. The borough of Caus is well attested to in documentary sources, from the granting of a market charter in 1200 to its decline in the 16th century. The physical archaeology of the site is much less known.

A three-pronged approach is used: earthwork survey, geophysical survey, and photogrammetic survey. The project is led by Michael Fradley, and the results will be archived with the Shropshire HER and submitted to the Transactions of the Shropshire Archaeological and Historical Society.

Caus Castle, Shropshire. by aerial-cam on Sketchfab

Caus Castle Preliminary Report (11.3MB PDF)

Caus castle Electrical Resistance Survey (1.8MB PDF)